Sunday, November 13, 2011

LDrag Designs Newsletter

STORE CLOSING SALE! Life, a coupon and a freee 
This post has been the most difficult
I have ever done in my life!!!!
I have closed shops again but I never felt that
I will be losing my HOME!!!!
ScrapMatters has been my home
the only place I could really relate as I had so many friends there
and made so many friends there!!!
But life has taught me that  nothing stays forever and talking
from experience (since I had to move with my daughter again to another
place because of my work)
now I have to move on to other things and to other store(s)!!!!!
And other places!!!!!!
But before I tell you all about them
I have a
STORE CLOSING SALE until the 15th of November!
Everything (except collabs) is 50% OFF starting today!!!!


Discount will show in the cart!!!