Sunday, June 19, 2011


Happy Father’s Day to all those super dads- you know who you are. Sadly, I have lost both my father and step-dad. My dad wasn’t in my life much but I understood him. He was a product of his environment growing up, a lost soul searching for peace. I truly feel he has that now. My step-dad was an awesome man. He put up with 3 very strong-willed precocious teenagers. I didn’t appreciate him as much as when I was a young adult.

Life is rough right now and where I turn for my touch of peace is my love of nature…no matter how hard life can turn, a glance at one of God’s incredible creations can bring out some joy in my life.

This is one of his beauties

created with Crushed by Netta Riss

Enjoy your Sunday!!! Peace and love

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