Sunday, June 26, 2011

New Releases – June 26, 2011

So many great releases this weekend. Starting with a new template from Dunia paired with one of her kits.

My cousins baby boy Sawyer has a smile that will light up a room.

 Created with Duo (Stripes) and A Boys Diary by Dunia

Sierra enjoys playing in the garden and showing off her big hat.

Created with Orange Sky Templates by True Blue Studio and  
Forever Yours by LDrag Designs

Last month we were able to meet our cousins for a great Sunday brunch. It was a great day with a bunch of wonderful women.

 Created with Busy Boys by Lilacs in Bloom

This is Sierra’s Sister Scout whose red hair and beautiful smile simply radiates off the page.

Created with Sweet Taste of Summer by Rina Kroes

I love this drink…it is cool and refreshing. I recently tasted a healthier version (without alchohol) made with lime, wheatgrass and spinach- it was at a Vitamix demonstration. I need to replicate that recipe.

 Created with Template Pack 42 by Kristen Designs and Verena Designs Spring Romantic

Make it a great week!

Sunday, June 19, 2011


Happy Father’s Day to all those super dads- you know who you are. Sadly, I have lost both my father and step-dad. My dad wasn’t in my life much but I understood him. He was a product of his environment growing up, a lost soul searching for peace. I truly feel he has that now. My step-dad was an awesome man. He put up with 3 very strong-willed precocious teenagers. I didn’t appreciate him as much as when I was a young adult.

Life is rough right now and where I turn for my touch of peace is my love of nature…no matter how hard life can turn, a glance at one of God’s incredible creations can bring out some joy in my life.

This is one of his beauties

created with Crushed by Netta Riss

Enjoy your Sunday!!! Peace and love

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Half Gone

Half Gone
Where did June go…well 11 days of it were spent with my daughter in the hospital due to the RSD (Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy) spreading. She has way too much pain for someone as young as she. Her spirit is amazing. I have never been more proud. Although we are happy for others graduating and celebrating summer it is hard to watch at times. Especially while Rachel's time is spent recuperating from procedures or battling the disease. I believe better days are ahead.

Since we are home, I got to enjoy making some fun layouts with fantastic products. It is my therapy and way to escape. I am blessed to work with some great photos thanks to friends and family.

A rare layout is one of myself. I am still a kid when it comes to trying on hats in stores and taking pictures of the fun.

Created with Melie Designs Little picnic

I love this quote. It was a perfect match to the photo showing friends Zoe and Ali enjoying the south Florida waterways.

Created with Melie Designs Fishing Boat

My friend posted this saying from her recent birthday card and I had to use it for my inspiration. It made me LOL. Hope it does the same for you. Created for the SBE Card Exchange.

Created with Melie Designs Fishing Boat

My beautiful cousin took a break from her modeling career to enjoy a family vacation recently. I had to CAPTURE this day in print. Hope she likes it.

Created with Busy Bee Designs Summer Flavors: Orange Sherbet 
and Ruth Melody Designs Faithful